KORA y ARPA, Canciones Tradicionales de Africa Mandinga y Irlanda Escocia Gales Celta. KORA and HARP, Traditional Folk Tunes Songs of Manding Africa and Ireland Scotland Wales Celtic. KORA et HARPE, Traditionnelle Folk Chansons du Afrique Mandingue et Irlande Ècosse Pays de Galles Celtique

Massane Cisse (Massane Sissé). Little 'meditative' version of this Manding Traditional Tune... based on Ablayé Cissoko super lovely version I recorded this one while studing the song (still on it).

I specially dedicate it to: Ablayé C. and Juan. | Publ. 2016.11

Allah la ke II (Ala la ke) = God willed it... says that man cannot undo the work of God... All things can be changed... but not the wish of God".

In this case I play the Alhaji Bai Konte version (the one I love the most about this tune)... I admire it's fast playing without loosing any feeling but just the opposite giving extra one on the contrasts between fast attacks and calm parts of the song. Just amazing (the original).

I specially dedicate my playing of this Bai K. version to: Bai K., Laura B. and Rockers L. S. | Publ. 2016.06

Allah la ke I (Ala la ke) = God willed it. Considered to be one of the most important and auspicious tunes in the Kora traditional repertoire, partly because of the religious significance of the refrain, which says that man cannot undo the work of God: "God wished it... All things can be changed... but not the wish of God".

I specially dedicate my playing of this Batourou Sekou K. version to: Batorou Seckou K., Herlad L. and Caroline T. | Publ. 2014

Cro Cinn t'Saile (Jro Jin Tail). Traditional scottish song arranged by Alison Kinnaird (clàrsach harper). The song sings about the Bards wishing to return to their green homeland in Kintail (Scotland).

I specially dedicate my playing of this Alison K. version to: Alison K. and Laura B. | Publ. 2013

Aeolian Frank. Synthesised Harp Variations on Frank Sievert's Eolian Harp recordings (background's harmonic sounds of his amazing mesmerizing Wind Harps).

Own tune composed following the feeling on the go. All-sounds-all are from 'raw' Harp live recoding later on arranged and shaped by software in post edition.

I specially dedicate this tune to: Frank S., Brian E. (...and "Garage in a Band" soft. | Publ. 2013

In study porcess (excerpts) / En proceso de estudio (extractos)...
Salama. Based on a poignant love song called 'Tita'is typical of the western Mali with its shifting minor harmonics. Toumani Diabate created this version to reflect the original song feeling about the power, intensity and flickleness of love so readily betrayed. Version from Toumani's Diabate repertoire more popularized as 'Jarabi' wich is played in major harmonics. Toumani dedicated this version to Malian patron "Salama Sow". | Publ. 2015.10