Kora musical instrument, harp from West Africa

Quality African handcrafted harps done with respect for the traditional African Manding culture kora making methods and the sound of its music.
I focus mainly on the sound and ergonomics of the instrument to keep the original and magical sound of its roots and the best feedback for the musician.

Kora maker (West African harp)

Showroom of koras made for sale. If you are interested contact me to ask for more information, pricing or availability… or to ask about any other questions related.
I do national and international shipments (100% safe).
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You will find some recordings to get a general idea of how the West African harps that I build sound like.
The recordings are not edited (no effects, filters…) they are “raw” to show the real sound as much as possible.
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Online kora lessons and/or kora lessons in Barcelona, Girona (and surroundings).  Individual ones or in groups… either of these formulas or preferably the possibility of combining them as you go will help you to leave behind any excuses to start learning kora or continue learning more and more.
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In My Music Corner I post personal recordings of some songs learned (and continue refining) both from kora and harp repertoire.
And if you want to know more about the kora, whether the instrument, its music, its culture, its musicians, you can visit More About Kora where I will be hanging new articles that may be interesting for you.

Kora lessons

Learn to play the Kora with no musical previous experience

Koras in stock or under ordering

Handcrafted african manding  harps

Worldwide shipments

With travel insurance against instrument damage or loss

Conversion of masts

Changes between traditional necks and modern ones (mechanic tuning)

Kora lessons

Learn to play the Kora with native teachers

KORA manding harps

Koras maker (West African Harps) · Contact : kora.manding.harps@gmail.com