I am sharing in this post what slowly became my own list of kora players stored in my computer… and I decided to publish it so other kora lovers can “drink from it”. It is a list that got “slowly-auto-generated” so it was not and it is not an obsessive work of tracking anyone “with a stick and a calabash”. Consequently it is not and it does not pretend to be “the map of kora players” but just the ones I have been ordering in my folders for having them easy to access at some point during time.
So there are many others unknown to me, and others not added to this ‘MCS list’ because if I do it I will be opening a difficult door to close.
So basically with this post I am hoping that you enjoy discovering something new here and I hope you can charge your kora vibes with these “sparks and some polar stars” from the list each time you need. I will be updating domanding domanding (slowly slowly). Any suggestion to add is welcomed and I will be considering it with no hurry.

KORA manding harps

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