"How much is the Kora?"

Nowadays I am building Koras from 650 euros up to 1300 euros.
In the shop page Koras KMH you will find the different Kora varieties and prices.

Can I hear the sound of the Kora?

You can hear the sound demonstrations of the Koras I built in the page Sound Demos. There you will have a general idea of the quality but not all the records of each of the Koras I built as it would be too much work for me.

How much is the shipping cost?

As far my experience sending Koras shipping cost can be from 30 up to 400 euros approximately.
The final price depends on these variables: shipping box (dimensions + weight), distance from origin to destiny, being your location inside or not of most frequently flow circuits of the courier companies were they can offer lower prices, and finally depends also on the global economy market events (pandemics, wars… etc) that affects petrol, gas so then the prices of the shipping industry services.

Can you tell me the shipping cost to my place?

You can send me the minimum data needed of (1+2):
1. Postal code number (*) + 2. Name of the city, town or village of destination.
(*) If there is more than one neighbourhood related to your postal code then inform me with your specific neighbourhood name to be sure the estimated price is based on the right destiny.

How to proceed with the payment?

The preferred transfer method is Paypal (easy and low tax for transferring overall relation) but any other method can be used, let me know your needs. 

Can I pay the Kora in split payments?

Yes, if you need you can pay the Kora in fractions (I will not add any taxt for it). Ask me to know your needs.

How much is the electro-acoustic Kora?

Any Kora can be updated to electro-acoustic version for +175 euros. Feel free to email me for further details.

Do you have Koras for beginners?

I don’t do any difference in my Koras between beginners or professionals. All my Koras are built matching a “perfect zone” where professionals and beginners can feel the best feedback.

How much time do you need to build my Kora?

For any of the models of Koras it can take between one month… and one month an a half for a Semitone Levers Kora (“chromatic”). But with any model can be less time to have it ready if i am not too busy with other Koras or other non Kora business. In any case a Kora is delayed more than a week once is done the timing estimation (before the purchase).

Do you have any Semitone Levers ("chromatic") Kora in stock?

No, I only built these type of Koras under customer’s order. Feel free to ask any doubt.

KORA manding harps

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