My name is Carles, artisan maker of Koras (KORA manding harps) and musician (Manding Celtic Strings). Born in Barcelona city (Catalunya), I live in the province of Girona by the Mediterranean Sea where I built Koras among seagulls and the smell of the sea since 2015.

My love for the Kora born in 2004, and in 2007 I started building and playing it, and also playing the Celtic Harp… but during my apprenticeship in 2016 I was diagnosed with focal dystonia and since then I am looking to rehabilitate myself.

My goal as a Kora maker is to stay in the original essence. I seek the most sincere and humble sound possible, avoiding sophistication, always having as a reference the traditional Koras that are my admiration (African soul-tech). I flee from superfluous finishes and designs as much as possible, and above all from designs that modify the physics involved in the original instrument. I avoid “luthier brand stylings” that unnecessarily modify the instrument and therefore the desired sound, or that complicate the natural feedback with the musician. And it is that my perspective as a constructor is always from the vision of a musician

I am fascinated that an African instrument “made of four reeds with a sore knife” has so much soul… and this vision is my Pole Star, as an artisan maker, musician and person: The route to the roots.

KORA manding harps

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