How does it work to buy a Kora?

To buy a Kora you have to contact me by electronic mail (Contact email).

• I will guide you and give you personalized support during the purchase.
• I will solve all your questions and give you advice if you need it.

Note: you can also contact just to ask and that does not commit you to anything.

Aside each Kora there is the legend “Features, options and contact“. Inside if you press the button “Contact email” your email manager will automatically open to start sending a message to my store. If it doesn’t work, you can always do it manually, by writing to me at:
My name is Carlos.

At any time you can contact me by phone (+34 692 670 822). Note: Regardless of whether you call by phone or not, the purchase procedure will always continue by email.

In this FAQs article (frequently asked questions) you will find more extensive information about the purchase process, take a look at it and if you have more questions do not hesitate to contact me.


And when you buy your Kora also...

You will have indefinite personalized after-sales support. You will be able to contact me by e-mail, by videoconference and/or by phone if you have problems or questions about your new Kora… and help on related issues.

You will receive by email a PDF ‘Getting Started Guide’ with information regarding your new instrument:

• Manual with instructions.
• Various help through videos and diagrams on how to change strings, tune correctly, take care of your instrument… and more.
• Important recommendations and warnings, etc.

Thus, you will receive valuable information that many of us would have liked to have when we acquired our Kora ; )

To hear examples of built Koras

Head over to Sound Demos to get a general idea of the acoustic quality of the Koras I build.

Note: For various reasons it is impossible for me to have recordings of all the Koras that I make, so ‘Sound Demos’ is basically to get an idea of the general quality.

More informations

I offer payment facilities for the purchase of the Kora, in case you need it.

Any acoustic Kora can be electrified (electroacoustic Kora) to connect to an amplifier and/or computer; there are several systems that I can install for you.

You will find answers to many more questions you have (about shipping costs, payment process… etc) and other questions that may not occur to you right now, in this article FAQs (frequently asked questions). Take a look and if you have any further questions feel free to contact me.

Remember (!) that in the list of Koras in this e-Shop the images of Koras are buttons and that by pressing them you can see more photos of each Kora and in a larger size.