Learn to play the Kora, harp from West Africa

with Sam Sussoh (from  Gambia) and/or Carles (from Barcelona)


  • Kora lessons can be run face-to-face: in Barcelona, Girona and ratio between locations and/or Kora lessons can be by videoconference, via Internet, from anywhere in the world well connected. For more information contact me.
  • Kora initiation lessons with no musical previous experience needed √
  • Kora lessons from intermediate-advanced level to professional level.
  • Private lessons and group lessons (group ones to be agreed with the rest of the students).
  • Learn and/or practice playing Live concerts joining Sam Sussoh (to agreed with Sam).
  • Learn Kora in idyllic retreats, in gorgeous Nature environments, alone (or with partner) and/or joining other students coming from all over the world. Retreats having place in Senegal (Africa) and/or in the south of France.
  • I also hung up Tutorials in YouTube (MCS onlyAudio Kora Lessons). read more

Activities related to the Kora. Project Kora be-i konton’na!

We propose activities related to the Kora and its music that can be punctual or periodic, with different objectives: educate musically, socially, arouse curiosity, participation, the senses, doing activities directly related and/ or complementary to the Kora, generating spaces and moments very enjoyables (magical ones very often). Adressed to ALL audiences √

So very diverse activities such as workshops where we present the Kora (which for many is unknown), explain what the instrument is made of, its traditional music, we explain its context, etc. All this with music, having a good time, teaching something new, enriching and proposing more or less participation according to the context and the organizer (singing, rhythmically accompanying, baptizing people to the instrument a bit, dancing, and going in depth/ developing a specific topic if needed).

Also, of course, we play straight in Concert (small, medium format)… or we play for example as ambient music to accompany other main activity that being performed. For outdoor spaces or closed spaces: schools, academies, events, centers, associations, halls, theaters, parties, restaurants, openings, rural houses, festivals, music bars, shops, private concerts…

For each activity and/ or concert we prepare the contents in a way that fits the timings, contexts, needs/ proposals and budgets of the organizers (always open to new ideas).

To schedule an activity, deepen and/or clarify doubts contact: kora.manding.harps@gmail.com

KORA manding harps

Koras maker (West African Harps) · Contact : kora.manding.harps@gmail.com