Learn to play the kora online

Kora Online lessons (videoconference with Skype, Zoom, Hangouts… ).

Lessons focused on initiation to the kora (songs and instrument) but also for medium level students. For more information about rates and how it works contact me I will be sending you a PDF with all the updated info.
No commitment to try a class and no commitment to stay… you decide when you “come and go” with total flexibility and good vibes (easy).

Kora Tutorials on YouTube (MCS onlyAudio Kora Lessons -pilot project-). Challenge yourself learning kora by just listening the sounds of music, without further ado. I help you to focus your attention on the sound to identify musical structures, so over time you will get any song by your own. For all levels, starting from scratch too. It is a slow process but so worthy (enjoy it relaxed, little by little).

If you want to work the tutorials go directly to the YouTube channel because from this page you will not be able to access all the features. Everything is in Spanish and English in parallel.

KORA manding harps

Koras maker (West African Harps) · Contact : kora.manding.harps@gmail.com